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TEFL Review: wooden pizza

One of my favorite toys to use in classroom and in drama lessons is this pizza. Also at home in homeschooling lessons it is a very popular toy/tool. Pizza… so that’s a lesson on food? Yes, but also a drama lesson, a math’s lesson counting and but also fraction and all of that are at the same time ….. yes English lessons. I also think it is very important that kids learn mathematical terms in English at a young age.

As you can see this pizza comes with some condiments. I identified them as salami, mushroom, tomato, spices, pineapple and cheese. With the kids I love to order a piece of pizza with 3 condiments or with just one. I first show how to order food and then they can mimic it. It always lead to fun lessons.

wooden pizza

This pizza is also great to teach fractions and show them visually 1/3rd = 2/6th for example, but at the same way you ordered pizza before you can now order pizza in fraction half a pizza, 1/3rd, 5/6th,…. Even struggling students will love this way of practicing.

For the lower grades you can also practice your basic math skills. We have 6 pieces of pizza and we eat 3 pieces. How many pieces are left? I baked 2 pieces of pizza and you baked 3 pieces. How many pieces do we have? Once they get it with pizza, you practice it with the add and subtract while still showing the pizza pieces and eventually you can leave the pizza away. You will see it will go very smooth.

Now I like wooden toys to use in class because they are sustainable, but you could also make your own paper or cardboard pizza’s and laminate them so you can reuse them.

Disclaimer: The reviewed product wasn’t subject to any sponsorship. I purchased it myself. I do am open to sponsorship, but will always mention it when I received a product to review.