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ESL Review: Mideer / Andreu Toys Geometry & Animal Puzzle

One of the puzzles my girls absolutely love are the animal puzzles I got from Andreu Toys. They love making the little puzzles although it’s sometimes requires a bit of hand/eye coordination to get them to line up correctly. Next to that it is great for their language development and I also used them in…

Review : Little Brain Paint Sticks

I love doing crafts, but let’s face it painting often creates a mess. In my lessons that’s why I almost never use paints and at home while homeschooling well how bad as it sounds…. With 2 kids… a 2 year old and a 4 year old letting them paint is a big struggle. Whether is…

TEFL Review: wooden pizza

One of my favorite toys to use in classroom and in drama lessons is this pizza. Also at home in homeschooling lessons it is a very popular toy/tool. Pizza… so that’s a lesson on food? Yes, but also a drama lesson, a math’s lesson counting and but also fraction and all of that are at…

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