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ESL Review: Mideer / Andreu Toys Geometry & Animal Puzzle

One of the puzzles my girls absolutely love are the animal puzzles I got from Andreu Toys. They love making the little puzzles although it’s sometimes requires a bit of hand/eye coordination to get them to line up correctly. Next to that it is great for their language development and I also used them in my lessons to do just that. Under the picture gallery I will explain some games that I do with them. This puzzle was rather cheap as well so that also helps a lot.

So obviously you have your basic animal naming. Naming colors and shapes is also an option and I would definitely advise it.

You could do a matching of the shapes with the animals. This is a great way to use the shape name. Take out the shape in the middle and see where it fits or match it with the small animals.

You can do big and small / sorting by size and you could make it mommy/daddy and baby since there is a small example with every puzzle.

You can also flip the puzzle or the example upside down and let them match the puzzle with the animal with just looking at the shape of the animal.

The small animals you could also use in a who is missing game. Put all the animals on the table, name them, let the kids close their eyes and remove 1 and later 2 or even 3 animals. Let them name the missing animals. When you remove more than 1 animal you can first count and see how many are missing. That’s a nice way to integrate subtractions.

There are many more options and of course you can implement this kind of puzzles for other subjects if you know how to make them yourself.

Disclaimer: The reviewed product wasn’t subject to any sponsorship. I purchased itmyself. I do am open to sponsorship, but will always mention it when I received a product to review.



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