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TEFL Review: Bigjigs mini hospital play set

I love play sets to teach dialogues. This particular play set I already have for a long time. It has been well used by my kids, but also in the classroom. Play sets can be a powerful teaching tool when used correctly.

What I love about this set is not only that it’s easy to transport with the handy handle that is fixed to the roof of the hospital but also the inside of the box is very detailed painted which helps to set the mood and gives extra vocabulary to discuss.

Howoutside of the hospital

How can you use a small tiny play set in a big classroom? Well this is how I used it… You first show the box asking what it could be. After that you let the little bear ‘walk’ upon to the hospital and ‘open’ the door. Then you let them see the inside…. You let the doctor and the nurse present them to the bear. Good review on presenting yourself vocabulary. The bear is of course scared so the nurse shows him around the hospital and shows him what is everything, after that you get a dialogue where you let the nurse and doctor examine the bear.

inside of the hospital

So the first part is presenting the material and the vocabulary. After that you can let the students take turns or you just select a few students to do it depending on the class size. After that you can do some crafts or other activities to support the vocabulary. Later you can let your students perform some little drama to produce the language themselves. I usually let them prepare the drama themselves but guide them and give each group a body part that is injured or an illness that they have. They can be very inventive I’ve had headaches that could be cured by eating cookies and a broken bone that needed lollipops.

I always leave this set in the class during the subject so that the students who have finished their work early can play with it and practice the language. As you can see it is very useful to have play sets like this and I especially like this one because of the quality and detail.

Disclaimer: The reviewed product wasn’t subject to any sponsorship. I purchased it myself. I do am open to sponsorship, but will always mention it when I received a product to review.



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