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Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog. This blog is all about testing materials to use in language lessons. I’m planning on using different toys and show how they are compatible with my lessons.

The lessons I’m teaching apply to young learners. I will do 3 types of video’s and blogposts:

  1. Lessons designed for young learners mainly in English but also Dutch and French lessons will be created.
  2. Testing of materials and show how to use them in language learning.
  3. Showing cool STEM experiments that can be used to teach English or other languages

Why this blog?

The original idea was to have video’s to inspire other teacher on how to use materials, but I’ve made a separate blog for that. This one will be filled with pictures and video’s for kids, ready materials etc… So this is more child oriented where as my teacher teach the teacher site gives more of an how to… approach. I won’t keep it English only cause while teaching my children Dutch, English and Turkish I’ve noticed a big lack of Dutch and Turkish materials. For English I know there is a lot out there, but mainly a lot of animated video’s where a lot is going on. While that will work with most children there also are children that easily get overstimulated and who really need plain video’s. Which is exactly what I want to make.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. I’m full of ideas and I can’t wait to share them.


Muslim * Married * ESL kindergarten teacher * Daughter

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